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When making the decision to hire a full-time HR professional, an organization may face a few challenges.  If you hire a fresh graduate for an economical wage, you may face the risk of hiring someone with education, but no practical experience.  Alternatively, you may have decided to hire an experienced HR generalist, but that generalist may not have the leadership capabilities to run a human resources department at a strategic level.  The fact is, in order for an organization to hire a full-time, highly experienced and educated human resources professional; they will have to be prepared to pay hefty salaries and bonuses.

When outsourcing your HR needs with Kiy HR Services, you only use our services when required. Our outsourcing is billed out at an hourly rate and is invoiced on a monthly basis. By using our services you will avoid extra overhead costs including, payroll taxes, benefits, missed work and even downtime at work. All time is recorded on time tracking software by the minute to ensure you are only paying for work while we are working.

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