When you get into daily, monthly, and even yearly routines, it can be difficult to stay true to your roots. A lot of the time, people will wonder what has kept them in the same career or routine for so long, and have trouble coming up with an answer. It is easy to lose sight of your goals and ambitions that you had coming into your career, so it is important to be reminding yourself why exactly you do what you do.

Susan Guillory writes about some tips in her article How to Foster a Lifelong Passion for Your Industry. Primarily, Guillory encourages individuals to think back to when you first started your career. There was a reason, that you may have forgotten, about why you were so excited to start at this new company in the first place. By looking back, this may stir up old memories and ambitions you forgot you had. Guillory also encourages us to learn to love learning. Researching, talking about, and surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals helps to spur a new passion for your career, and aids in inspiration when things are looking down. Finally, if no amount of learning or reflecting can remind you of your initial purpose, it may be time to take a break from your area of focus. Try learning what other people do, talk about their interests instead of yours, and the amount of passion and ambition in others may surprise and inspire you.

In our Kiy HR Perspective, revisiting your initial reasons behind a career or life decision is a strong foundation in building a lifelong passion.The steps Guillory outlines in her article illustrate perfect ways to address main problems someone may have with their choices, and how to act upon this realization. We believe that addressing issues you may have with your career is a very healthy and well practiced option for anybody. Any time an issue with yourself is swept under the rug, it becomes harder and harder to deal with, the longer it is put off. By coming to terms with a intrapersonal career issue early, you limit the amount of time worrying about the issue, and can focus more time on finding a soluion.

Guillory, Susan. How to Foster a Lifelong Passion for Your Industry. https://www.allbusiness.com/foster-lifelong-passion-industry-116229-1.html

How to Foster a Lifelong Passion for Your Industry


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