The human resources career field has always been a tough field to associate with, given the stigmas and preconceived notions about the area. It is difficult to trust an entire branch of your company to deal with legal issues, recruitment, payroll, benefits, and more; especially when the branch is not as qualified as it should be. By outsourcing your HR department to a third-party firm, you secure expertise, experience, and safety on behalf of your company.

Megan Totka writes about the options available to those wishing to outsource their human resources department. One way to go is to use a software as a service for payroll, recruitment, and training. This is a popular option, however there are still many things that cannot be completed with a software or an app. Totka explains that when designing a benefits package for your employees, it is very important to have an expert review and craft the terms. The HR department should know the recent changes in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and should create a benefits package that promotes loyalty, the company brand, and discourages turnover. The perspective of the outsourced HR department offers insight into tailoring benefits to the employees and the company. Finally, Totka warns that before you outsource, it is curcial that you know what your company can afford, and to know that the consultant you partner with is experienced. This is a partnership after all! 

In our (completely unbiased) Kiy HR Perspective, human resources outsourcing is a very cost effective and experience effective way to introduce performance management, benefits, recruitment, and more into your company. Here at Kiy HR, we offer full-scale recruitment, consulting, and policy manuals that will help any company follow correct procedure and avoid legal complications with employees. In this day and age, legal issues surrounding the workplace are put under a microscope, and one can never be too careful. Hiring an outsourced, experienced human resources firm ensures that you, your company, and your employees are protected.

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Totka, Megan. Benefits of HR Outsourcing: How Even Small Businesses Can Provide Great HR.


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