In a potentially stressful and intense environment such as a busy workplace, it may be easy to lose sight of what is outside your office. One way to cure this is personalizing your office space! I asked around our office to see what Kiy HR’s Office Space looks like! Personally, I like listening to music. It gives the office a little more spunk, and livens up the room. When I asked our Business Development Representative Shelly, she sounded fully equipped! She has a stress ball to keep her relaxed, a picture of her family to remind her of how lucky she is, and a picture of the ocean to inspire her to keep working towards her goal of retiring near the ocean. Since we are located on the 34th floor of the Manulife Building in Downtown Edmonton, our Principal HR Consultant Teresa has a spectacular view of the city. We also have a small library of shared books, encouraging each other to read certain parts and sharing our own favourite parts. It is sometimes these small things in everyday office life that are able to make us smile. It is very important to know what makes your work life valuable, whether it be your clients, your responsibilities, or simply working for your family.

Jade, The Kiy HR Perspective

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