The first month of 2018 is coming to a close, and it has many of us feeling like James Van Der Beek – although, instead of Varisty Blues, we are experiencing the January Blues. This very real condition that has many of us feeling down since the holidays can be brought upon by many factors, such as returning to a normal schedule, missing family that you had seen during the holidays, drinking or eating more excessively than normal, and others. While it may feel like you are in a slump, there are things you can do to relieve yourself of this post-holiday melancholy you are experiencing.

Create a Positive and Realistic Mindset. It is easy to start the new year off extremely optimistic; we often hear the saying, “New Year, New Me!”. While it is important to have goals and be ready to achieve them, it is crucial to not set unrealistic expectations for yourself. Know yourself and your limitations, you can very easily stress yourself out. This includes New Years Resolutions – do not tire yourself out with unfeasible goals. Take care of yourself like you would an employee or family member!

Make a Plan! In the case that you are feeling the year has already not turned out exactly as you have planned, or you feel as if you are catching up, making a thorough plan for your goals and achievements comes in handy. This way, you know what you want to accomplish, and you know what you must do to be successful – it is all laid out in front of you! It may feel daunting and overwhelming at first; however, you must also realize that plans change and you are able to adapt. 

Remember your Support System. It can feel as if you are the only person suffering from these feelings. However, you may have family members, friends, or coworkers around you that could be feeling exactly as you are. Don’t be afraid to approach someone for advice or help. Encourage openness with the people around you! 

Finally, Find Time for Rest. Balance is very important! In order to accomplish new things everyday and meet daily goals, you need to be well rested and fresh. Go outside and walk the dog, read that book you’ve been meaning to read, do yoga, or exercise. This activities can refresh you and eliminate some of the stress you may be experiencing. You will be ready to get back at it in no time!

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