With all the distractions that are present in today’s workplace, getting off-task or off-track can be easier than finishing your work. However, there are ways to avoid these “time wasters”, and put more effort into tasks and projects in need of completing.

In her article, Megan Totka provides a few tips to avoid the time wasters that are all around the office. Primarily, Totka focuses on emails. Turn your notifications off in the morning, this includes emails, text messages, chats, etc. Some of your most productive hours are in the morning, and by leaving the deep void of emails until the later part of the day, you leave your morning open to be productive and creative with your given tasks.

Totka also talks about the introduction of online time clocks to increase accountability. If your staff is accountable for tracking the exact time they are working on a project or task, it increases their accountability, and thus their productivity. 

In order to keep your business streamlined and on the right track, time wasters are to be avoided whenever possible. Weed out the useless areas of your workspace and computer. Using Totka’s helpful tips and making a conscious effort to focus more on the company you work for ultimately helps not only the company, but your credibility as well.

Totka, Megan. No More Wasted Time – Tools to Transform Yourself Into a Productivity  Powerhousehttps://www.allbusiness.com/productivity-tech-tools-time-117468-1.html.

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