Being a cost-effective company in today’s economy is very difficult. However, there are many ways to reduce costs when it comes to HR; primarily when hiring. We are here to tell you that hiring an outsourced HR department, such as us at Kiy HR Services Inc, is a simple and cost effective way to receive expert HR consulting and services.

Financially, an outsourcing HR department is straightforwardly more efficient. As a third-party department, we are more cost effective than internal employees. This is because our clients only pay for the time worked. This doesn’t include water cooler chatter, personal calls, bathroom or water breaks. Our clients’ time is very important to us; therefore, we keep a tight timer on our hours worked, pausing for all the examples above and time that we are not working for our clients.

Over the past 5 ½ years, our clients have paid between $16,000 and $28,000 in one calendar year for all HR services and consulting such as employee relations, recruiting, strategic planning, performance management, succession planning, compensation reviewing, and more. Generally, employing a full-time HR employee with our level of expertise would cost most companies over $150,000; this cost does not include benefits, vacation time, source deductions, or other employee costs. Hiring an outsourced HR department such as ourselves is a fantastic and cost effective way to receive the same, or better, expert advice and services without having to pay a full-time employee wage.

If you feel your company could benefit from our services, or want to know more of what Kiy HR Services Inc offers, check out our services here. Or, you can contact us at or phone us at 780.801.5246 for more information.


The Kiy HR Perspective

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