It can be easy to want to stick to a certain business model or plan, after all “it has been used for years at this organization!”. However, the rigidness of an unchanging and monotonous workplace may find employees demotivated and feeling devalued. Motivation in the workplace is as important as any other aspect in a business and should be treated as such! In the last Kiy HR Perspective, we mentioned that if employees are treated fairly, they will feel more valued at their company. The same goes with motivation; if employees feel motivated, they are more likely to increase their productivity and may even inspire others around them to do the same.

In an article entitled, “3 Things Your Employees Really Want—But Aren’t Telling You”, author Aaron Agius illustrates the importance of setting an example in the workplace over simply rewarding employees with material objects, vis-à-vis motivating the workforce. Primarily, Agius illustrates that employees value respect. It is important not to command respect, but to practice integrity and earning respect, and to “toss entitlement out the window”. Subsequently, Agius states that freedom is very important for employees and their satisfaction. Letting your employees off the tight leash of micromanagement, allowing them to make adjustments, and permitting task flexibility does wonders for employee inspiration and motivation. Finally, Agius emphasizes the significance of new opportunities. Make your employees’ goals clear and inspire them to take their productivity to the next level. All in all, make sure your employees distinguish what they are working towards, and give them room to determine what works best for them.

In our Kiy HR Perspective, we believe that it is very important for your employees to be and feel motivated at all times. The be all end all of customer satisfaction is a motivated and satisfied workforce. The three things listed by Agius in his article may seem daunting and vague at first, and they may give the impression that they are difficult to acquire since they do not require any physical materials. However, that does not mean that they are not important. In fact, making your employees feel good and respected in the workplace should be your top priority. If you prescribe to these practices listed by Agius, such as leading by example, making goals clear while allowing creativity, and practicing more integrity in the workplace, your employees will quickly follow suit. Leading by example as a form of motivation is a sure fire way to ensure everyone in the workplace is on the same page. Such as; regarding the ethical practices, what is required of each individual, and the overall workplace dynamic.

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The Kiy HR Perspective

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