When hiring a new employee, you may feel that it is enough to just hire them. The hiring process can be overwhelming, and the end of the hiring process may feel final. However, there is a very important step that follows the hiring process, and that is onboarding. Once a candidate signs their employment agreement and commits to becoming an employee, the onboarding process starts. Onboarding is the process of integrating new employees into the workplace, getting them settled into their workspace, and to familiarize the new employee with the business and their responsibilities. It is to make sure the employee starts off on the right foot, and you can do this with an affluent and in-depth onboarding program.

Chad Brooks, of Business News Daily, writes about the many consequences of an informal and ineffective onboarding program. Brooks highlights that unsuccessful onboarding has many negative consequences for the entire workforce. Regarding the employees, it can lead to lower productivity, lower morale, higher employee turnover, lack of trust, and neglecting the fundamentals of the business and workplace. You may feel like showing the employee to their desk and telling them where the fax machine is may be enough for the introduction, but this strategy sells the employee short of a proper welcome. Brooks also gives advice on how to make your onboarding program more effective. Brooks strategies include having their space ready before they arrive, giving them a lot of information about the company and advancement opportunities, including more technology, and more automation.

In our Kiy HR Perspective, the onboarding process is just as important as the extensive and useful hiring process. Making an employee feel like they are welcomed into a workforce is just as important as hiring them in the first place. In order to have hired that employee, you would have gone through multiple stages and considerations before picking them as the perfect candidate. Now, they need to feel like you are their perfect business candidate. Making an employee feel welcome from the very start has amazing benefits trust-wise and morale-wise; the new employee will feel like they are a part of a team instead of just another employee at the recently empty desk.

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