Does HR have you feeling overwhelmed, uncertain and vulnerable?

You are not alone!

We know how hard it is to try to know and do everything when running a small business. That is why small businesses hire us to help find AND KEEP top performing employees.

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About Kiy HR Services

In 2012 our Founder, Teresa Kiyawasew, discovered that she had a Human Resources strategy for small businesses.

You see, when she was working in the corporate world, her CEO would ask her to help other CEOs with HR for their businesses, because they didn’t have an in-house HR professional.

Shortly after parting ways with that organization, Kiy HR Services Inc. was born! It was no surprise that once the word got out about what we offer, Kiy HR became the go-to HR Services firm in Edmonton.

Fast-forward 10 years later and Kiy HR Services now offers online support to small businesses across Canada! As the world changed, so did we. We now offer streamlined products and services that support small businesses as they grow, all completely online.



Streamlined Services
Small business owners and their employees wear many hats to meet all the needs of the company. We get it, we are a small business too. That is why we developed services and products that are easy to use and get straight to the solution.
Expert Support
Businesses of all sizes have many things in common and one of them is the need to access an HR expert. Small companies usually do not have room in the budget to hire in-house HR. Our programs are designed to make access to HR experts affordable and attainable.
Connection Through Community
As one we are great, as a community we are unstoppable! We believe that small businesses grow stronger with the support of each other. That is why we have built in communities in all of our products for sharing wins, goals and questions in a private setting.


We have taken the liberty of sharing the answers to questions we often get about our products and services. Before you hop on a call with us you may want to check these out.

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Do you offer stand-alone templates?
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