In the November 14th Edmonton Journal issue, Elise Stolte writes on the City of Edmonton and its employees. More specifically, how there are some that feel the work environment created is toxic, and has driven some to quit. It should be noted that the City of Edmonton is union-based, and its employees are speaking about these issues through the union, starting early last year. According to the article, the complaint process currently residing in the City of Edmonton workplace has left some employees disgruntled and unsatisfied. However, as Stolte states, the City of Edmonton has identified the problem in the complaint system and are rectifying the problem. The article states that the City will be using an “ombudsperson”, or a third-party, to help repair and deal with complaints.

In our “Kiy HR Perspective”, we believe that hiring a third-party to deal with and sort out inter-employee issues is the correct path to take. Some employees are too scared to come to HR with problems often because they feel as though HR only sides with management. Additionally, as Stolte states in her article “they worry about retribution”. Using a 3rd party such as an ombudsperson (or investigators in non-public environments) is non-biased when investigating a conflict.

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The Kiy HR Perspective


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