When managing and conducting a large group of employees, employers can focus on an ineffective management style that disengages workers and creates a negative environment. In her article entitled “If You Treat Employees Like They Don’t Make a Difference, They Won’t!”, Brigette Hyacinth highlights issues when an employer does not treat employees like the assets they are. It is reiterated multiple times throughout the article that if an employee is treated without respect or decency, the employee’s ambition and effort levels will reflect how they are being treated. Hyacinth argues that not only will effort and enthusiasm in the office decrease, but employees will also spread their experiences and disgust with that employer or company, which in turn damages the company holistically. Employee satisfaction is a bridge to customer satisfaction.

In a difficult situation such as being treated poorly by an employer, employees can start to seem devalued and are only pointed out for their mistakes and missteps. There is a simple and easy solution to this problem; Hyacinth emphasizes the importance of recognition and appreciation of employees. A quote by Dale Carnegie states “people work for money but go the extra mile for praise, recognition, and rewards”. By taking employees for granted, employers are not showing that their staff is valued in their own workplace; however, by recognizing achievements and having reward systems in place, employees are more likely to feel treasured and important to the company, and therefore willing to achieve more. Hyacinth references a study in which this concept is demonstrated, “A Maritz study in 2010 showed more than 84 percent of employees viewed their company as a great place to work if it had three or more reward and recognition programs in place.” Therefore, a strong company is one that treats its employees with respect and integrity, rather than only offering “constructive” criticism.

In our Kiy HR Perspective, Brigette hits the nail right on the head with her article. Addressing mistakes is just as important as praising your employees, but it is not the only thing an employer should focus on. There is a bottom line in business that states that if the employees are not happy with the workplace, the company will not thrive. Employees are the foundation to a growing company, and to tear them down would be to tear down the entire organization. However, being treated with respect is not a synonym for coddling. Balancing praise and recognition with addressing faults is the substance of respect within the workplace.

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