“I had the pleasure of working with Teresa while I was owner of Speedshift Services. As a growing company, we recognized the need to ensure we had a strong Human Resources plan that supported our growth. Teresa was hired to develop a strategic HR plan that identified our strengths/weaknesses and provide a workable solution to allow us to effectively address the areas in need of development.
I would certainly recommend her services to any organization in need of top tier HR services.”

Tony Quinlan, SCMP, Speedshift Services (http://www.speedshift.ca)

“Every once in a while, I need some advise on how to deal with different situations regarding staff. She has helped me navigate the difficult process of making staff changes, and also has been available for hiring new staff. Teresa is an excellent resource for me at Tirecraft. Thank you very much Teresa!”

Marc Tellier, Tirecraft (https://tirecraft.com/dealer/tirecraft-118-ave/)

“We have had the pleasure of working with Teresa Kiyawasew of Kiy HR Services for the past several years. Teresa is knowledgeable, professional, highly ethical and extremely passionate about all aspects of Human Resources. In a small consulting business such as ours, having a full-fledged HR department is not an option, so we were thrilled when Teresa offered her services as a part-time, independent HR Consultant. Working both in our office and remotely, she has taken the time to develop a rapport with staff, letting them know she is there for them as much as she is for the company. Having worked in HR for almost two decades, Teresa has the experience and expertise to view situations from a balanced perspective. She ensures that she is fully informed before offering an opinion, and always keeps in mind the employees’ needs as well as the best interests of the organization. Over the years, we have witnessed Teresa’s dedication and commitment in all aspects of HR, including employee development, conflict resolution, strategic planning, and policies and procedures. Teresa is a truly outstanding HR professional and we are fortunate to have the opportunity to work with her.

Lori Zastre, HCL (www.hcl.ca)

“I’ve used Teresa’s HR expertise personally and have recommended her to several of my clients with great results.

If you are not an HR expert yourself, I recommend talking with Teresa about anything to do with recruiting, hiring, on-boarding, performance reviews, employee policies and procedures and anything else to do with successfully hiring and retaining good employees. Make her your first call HR professional.

That’s what I do.”

Mary Lou Gutscher, Magnetic Business Solutions (http://magneticbusinesssolutions.com/)

“We have been able to implement some of  the new hiring processes. We are finding the information we received very helpful. We have found it beneficial to do the phone interview before the interview in person. We are able to learn more about a person than we had thought just through a phone conversation. We do have one new employee who is an amazing lady and a great fit. Thank you so much for the great information!”

– Tracey and Deanna, A Step Up Cleaning Services (www.astepupcleaning.org)

“What Makes Working with Kiy HR Special?”

“The ability and flexibility to choose when and what you want to have work completed on, and only paying for what is required.”

Darren Schmidt, GC Custom Metal Fabrication Ltd. (http://www.gccustommetal.com/)


Ann Ramsden, Arts and Heritage St. Albert (http://www.artsandheritage.ca/)

“Teresa is what makes working with Kiy HR special. She’s FANTASTIC (and thorough, conscientious, ethical, compassionate, dedicated…), and has been from Day One!

I’m also so happy that she’s reached a point in her business where she’s been able to assemble a good, solid, hardworking team around her, to help her do even more of what she does so well.”

Lori Zastre, HCL (www.hcl.ca)


“I attended Teresa’s first workshop and it was very beneficial.

Susan deBeurs, Lil Johns Sign Shop (http://www.liljohnssignshop.com/)

“Excellent materials for someone who supervises others.” – workshop attendee (The Professional Supervisor)

“Very good course. Would recommend.” – workshop attendee (The Professional Supervisor)

“Great course, worth the time.” – workshop attendee (Personal Development Process)

“Excellent course.” – workshop attendee (Time Management)

“As a first session I believe it was very successful. The team really connected with the instructor and felt free to talk and communicate.” – workshop attendee (Effective Discipline)


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