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“Being new to a management role, I was feeling excited but overwhelmed.  Working for a not for profit organization means that we don’t have the resources of a full HR department.  When my boss brought forward the idea of taking an HR course, I was eager to dive in right away and I am so glad we did! The Complete HR Blueprint has given me the knowledge and resources I needed to feel confident in my management role.  From hiring, training, disciplinary action and employee evaluations, The Complete HR Blueprint covers it all! Teresa is a wonderful teacher and has a knack for balancing professionalism with humility and human nature.  I’ve walked away from this course feeling like I can thrive as a manager without compromising who I am as a person.”

Katie Presse – LINX

“My name is Evan Schmidtke President of Bradcan Caulking & Restoration Ltd. Our company installs sealants on all interior , exterior applications for New and existing Buildings in Northern Alberta. Our company has struggled with having a deliberate HR systems to follow. Everything from Hiring, Performance reviews to succession planning. Teresa has a very non complicated approach in walking us through the HR programs and systems to practically get them working.  The program provided us not only with more confidence as Managers, but the tools to get the job done. The Complete HR Blueprint covers a significant amount of material that everyone in business should know about to have real impact on your company and your team! We have invested a lot more $s n other firms and received very little. There is no comparison in the value you can get from what the Wonderful Wizard of HR has to offer! I highly recommend Teresa and her expertise to get you and your team on the right track to success!”

Evan Schmidtke, Bradcan Caulking & Restoration Ltd.

“I am the Executive Director with a non-profit agency that provides supports to adults and children with developmental disabilities.  As a non-profit with very restricted funding, I often have to play many roles in the agency including HR advisor.  As my educational background is in Psychology and Criminal Justice, and my work experience is primarily in disabilities, when it comes to HR I spend a lot of time researching and crossing my fingers that we are handling things the way we should.  This unfortunately means we are spending more time being reactive than proactive because we just do not have enough time and/or resources.  When presented with the option of training with Kiy HR Services for The Complete HR Blueprint, I honestly was skeptical.  I have tried so many different forms of training that all say the same thing that I have heard a million times.  The factor that convinced me to take a chance on the training was that The Complete HR Blueprint is not just training, but an investment in an HR expert that would be available to us on an ongoing basis.  What I did not expect was how much of an investment I was actually making in me.  Through the training I was able to discover the things that we were doing great and I could now actually have confidence in.  There were other times that the ideas we were learning seemed a bit overwhelming to me, but Teresa was there to walk us through with resources that would turn the mountain into a molehill.  There were so many things that I recognized that we could and should implement to make our agency stronger.  With the templates and resources we now have at our disposal, many of the improvements we need to make will take moments instead of hours.  Plus, they will be correctly done rather than hopefully good enough.  This course was able to give all levels of learners from our agency an amazing experience working together with Teresa and the other participants, and an invaluable ongoing resource moving forward.  Participation in The Complete HR Blueprint has left me with zero regrets and absolute confidence in my ability to support our agency moving forward.”

Nicole Fuhsel, LINX

“My name is Ronni DeLeavey and I am the Residential Manager for LINX, an agency that supports adults and youth with developmental disabilities.

The challenge’s that we were experiencing that made me want to work with Teresa Kiyawasew are:

  • We are a small to medium nonprofit who does not have a formal HR department.
  • We often question if we are doing what we should be doing in regards to different HR situations.
  • At the time we had HR situations that we had never dealt with before.
  • We spend a lot of time on hold with labor standards and do not always get the same answers.

The positive impacts of the course would be if I have a question I have ongoing support. I feel more confident moving forward with some issues after having an outside perspective.

The program helped me in that I have ongoing access to answers, templates, and opinions on matters that are not my main objectives but I also need to address as we do not have a HR department.

One thing that pleasantly surprised me was how different the other course mates work environments were to ours but at the same time we were looking for some of the same answers. Construction vs Disabilities is quite a range but Teresa made it look easy.

I would tell anyone considering in investing in The Complete HR Blueprint to sign up, it is a good value for ongoing support and advice.”

Ronni DeLeavey, LINX

Here is a quote from the Shelley’s testimonial.

“I really like that there is a weekly time where we can ask questions, so I can compile any of the questions that I have. Often it might only be one in a week. So that is really actually terrific because it is much easier to deal with the little things that come up, maybe one or two at a time…Even after all the classes and having all the templates, you know, I still feel a little early on and a little bit unsure and I really like having that place, knowing there’s that place that I can go to.”

You can watch the entire video here Shelley’s Testimonial

Shelley Schmidtke, Bradcan Caulking and Restoration Ltd.


“I had the pleasure of working with Teresa while I was owner of Speedshift Services. As a growing company, we recognized the need to ensure we had a strong Human Resources plan that supported our growth. Teresa was hired to develop a strategic HR plan that identified our strengths/weaknesses and provide a workable solution to allow us to effectively address the areas in need of development.
I would certainly recommend her services to any organization in need of top tier HR services.”

Tony Quinlan, SCMP, Speedshift Services (http://www.speedshift.ca)

“Every once in a while, I need some advise on how to deal with different situations regarding staff. She has helped me navigate the difficult process of making staff changes, and also has been available for hiring new staff. Teresa is an excellent resource for me at Tirecraft. Thank you very much Teresa!”

Marc Tellier, Tirecraft (https://tirecraft.com/dealer/tirecraft-118-ave/)

“We have had the pleasure of working with Teresa Kiyawasew of Kiy HR Services for the past several years. Teresa is knowledgeable, professional, highly ethical and extremely passionate about all aspects of Human Resources. In a small consulting business such as ours, having a full-fledged HR department is not an option, so we were thrilled when Teresa offered her services as a part-time, independent HR Consultant. Working both in our office and remotely, she has taken the time to develop a rapport with staff, letting them know she is there for them as much as she is for the company. Having worked in HR for almost two decades, Teresa has the experience and expertise to view situations from a balanced perspective. She ensures that she is fully informed before offering an opinion, and always keeps in mind the employees’ needs as well as the best interests of the organization. Over the years, we have witnessed Teresa’s dedication and commitment in all aspects of HR, including employee development, conflict resolution, strategic planning, and policies and procedures. Teresa is a truly outstanding HR professional and we are fortunate to have the opportunity to work with her.

Lori Zastre, HCL (www.hcl.ca)

“I’ve used Teresa’s HR expertise personally and have recommended her to several of my clients with great results.

If you are not an HR expert yourself, I recommend talking with Teresa about anything to do with recruiting, hiring, on-boarding, performance reviews, employee policies and procedures and anything else to do with successfully hiring and retaining good employees. Make her your first call HR professional.

That’s what I do.”

Mary Lou Gutscher, Magnetic Business Solutions (http://magneticbusinesssolutions.com/)

“We have been able to implement some of  the new hiring processes. We are finding the information we received very helpful. We have found it beneficial to do the phone interview before the interview in person. We are able to learn more about a person than we had thought just through a phone conversation. We do have one new employee who is an amazing lady and a great fit. Thank you so much for the great information!”

– Tracey and Deanna, A Step Up Cleaning Services (www.astepupcleaning.org)

“What Makes Working with Kiy HR Special?”

“The ability and flexibility to choose when and what you want to have work completed on, and only paying for what is required.”

Darren Schmidt, GC Custom Metal Fabrication Ltd. (http://www.gccustommetal.com/)


Ann Ramsden, Arts and Heritage St. Albert (http://www.artsandheritage.ca/)

“Teresa is what makes working with Kiy HR special. She’s FANTASTIC (and thorough, conscientious, ethical, compassionate, dedicated…), and has been from Day One!

I’m also so happy that she’s reached a point in her business where she’s been able to assemble a good, solid, hardworking team around her, to help her do even more of what she does so well.”

Lori Zastre, HCL (www.hcl.ca)


“I attended Teresa’s first workshop and it was very beneficial.

Susan deBeurs, Lil Johns Sign Shop (http://www.liljohnssignshop.com/)

“Excellent materials for someone who supervises others.” – workshop attendee (The Professional Supervisor)

“Very good course. Would recommend.” – workshop attendee (The Professional Supervisor)

“Great course, worth the time.” – workshop attendee (Personal Development Process)

“Excellent course.” – workshop attendee (Time Management)

“As a first session I believe it was very successful. The team really connected with the instructor and felt free to talk and communicate.” – workshop attendee (Effective Discipline)

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