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We want YOU to succeed

Small businesses do not have the same advantages as medium- to large-sized corporations who have the luxury of hiring in-house HR.

BUT…that doesn’t mean they can’t have access to the same experts.

We want you to have the same success as those larger businesses without breaking the bank.

Not only do we want you to have an affordable solution, but we also want to save you more money by freeing up more of your time. That is why we have designed a streamlined and easy system that gives you your time back.


Our Founder's Story

Teresa Kiyawasew, our founder (pictured above), knew she had a special offering for small businesses when she was still in the corporate world. Before she founded Kiy HR Services Inc in 2012, she was department head of HR for a Canadian-based corporation that operated in Canada and the U.S. The CEO used to ask her to help his CEO acquaintances with various HR issues. Those CEO acquaintances owned small businesses, but had no in-house HR. When she realized she had a strategy for small business CEOs, she opened her consulting firm.

Over the course of owning Kiy HR Services, Teresa has rolled with the economic punches. As the economy changed, so did Kiy HR. Today our offerings are the most streamlined they have ever been, giving small businesses more time to focus on their offerings and saving them money.

We Are a Revolutionary Business

When a recession happens, we get to work! This is a time period where our clients need us the most. It's not a time for us to sit back and hope for the best. This is when look at ways to help our clients.
Economic Booms
When hiring gets out of control and your business can't seem to meet the demands, that's where we come in. We are there to help our clients work through the growth efficiently and effectively.
Unexpected World Events
2020 and the pandemic turned the way we did business upside down. Small businesses had to find ways to do things they never thought they had to. When events like these arise, our job is to find answers quickly for our clients.