Throughout many years in the workplace, you will encounter countless different people, various characters, and diverse personalities. In one office, too many personalities may seem overwhelming. However, different personalities are not unmanageable. Employers are responsible for learning about who works best with who, what strengths their employees have, and creating great teams; employees are  responsible for respecting their co-workers, while also knowing themselves and their own strengths. If everybody in the workplace can respect each other, and their work, the team dynamic flourishes and connections between workers thrive.

A fun way to embrace your working personality and show-off your wonderful qualities is to attempt a personality quiz! We recommend “What TV Office Should You Actually Work In?”, posted on by Candace Lowry. Feel free to try out this quiz, and share your results with us on our social media, or leave a comment on this post!

All the members of our Kiy HR team attempted the quiz, and here are their results!

Teresa and ShellyOlivia Pope & Associates from “Scandal” – “Just like Olivia Pope herself, you work well under pressure and enjoy getting the scoop on all your cases. Glitz and glamour need to play a role in your office. You always dress for the job you want, not the one you have. You’re a very driven individual who loves seeing justice served. However, you secretly like a little drama in the office, because it keeps things interesting.”

Nickie: Sterling Cooper & Partners from “Mad Men” – “As a member of Sterling Cooper & Partners, you could sell a “How to Quit Smoking” book to the whole office. You’re serious, smart, and don’t mind getting your hands dirty every once in a while. As blunt as you may be, you tend to stay guarded when it comes to your personal life. Go out and close that deal.”

Jade: 30 Rock from “30 Rock” – “In order to work at 30 Rock, you gotta be both funny and creative — two things that come naturally to you. You’re zany, smart, and can’t deal when work environments are monotonous. You can be a little spazzy and dramatic, just like Liz Lemon, but, people love you for it and it tends to make the day fly by.”

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